Adam Holtzman


I have had an off and on relationship with coding since I wrote my first lines of Basic in elementary school. I immediately found it interesting and wanted to explore what was possible but schools in rural Maine lacked resources and many people of experience to learn from. I would occasionally dabble with it, one time with a couple of friends in my freshman year we worked on a few programs to solve mathematical problems, but being more visually focused, I lost interest in this flavor of programming. In 1998 I bought one of the first generation iMacs (Bondi blue) and taught myself HTML, unfortunately I did not have any real projects to work on (and I did not like the syntax at the time) I moved on to other interests.

While studying photography, part of the curriculum was to build your own website with Adobe GoLive, cementing my interest in web design and development. Since 2002, I have occasionally designed and built websites for both myself and colleagues, primarily for artists or art related projects and ventures. I made several attempts to use CMS (primarity WordPress) based development tools over the years, but found them clunky and difficult to shape the way I wanted to create websites the way I could make them statically with Adobe products and tweaks to the code.

In 2015 my focus shifted to a more professional and deeper level of web development by learning front end languages, techniques and implementations. I was an early adopter of Gatsby and Styled-Components and love developing in the Jamstack.

Now I currently work as a Senior Web Developer at Brown University in Providence, RI.

I contribute to an open source project Greenwood, a static site genrator for Web Components.

Small Selection of Projects

Adam Holtzman

Online art portfolio site, new design and build completed every 12 to 18 months (this site)

2002 - ongoing

Made with React, Gatsby, CSS Grid & Styled-Components

David Gremp

Website for the fine art photographer David Gremp

2017 - 2020

Made with React, Gatsby, CSS Grid & Styled-Components

Jamstack Demo

An introductory site for use of the Jamstack with examples on data sourcing with Drupal and delpoyment on Cloudflare Workers.

2020 - ongoing

Made with React, Gatsby, Styled-Components, Drupal & Cloudflare

Alibi Fine Art

Legacy website for a now closed Art Gallery

2010 - 2017

Made with React, React-Router & Styled-Components

Common Loon

Website for the band Common Loon

2017 - ongoing

Made with React, React-Router, CSS Grid & Styled-Components

2054 Press

Website for small art and photography book publisher, three major design iterations, occasional content updates.

2010 - 2016

Made with Adobe Muse


Website for small art photography periodical, two primary design iterations and content updates.

2004 - 2008

Made with Adobe GoLive

Reproductions Gallery

Online fine art photography gallery selling open edition prints at entry level pricing, five design and build iterations & contect updates as needed.

2005 - 2008

Made with Adobe GoLive